What Are Portable Truck Scales

Truck scales are a number of scales on a particular foundation, used to weigh rail and other road vehicles at a weigh station. While normal truck scales are at a specific place, portable truck scales can be taken around, set up or taken down as willed. The portable truck scales are also common all around the world because of the convenience they provide to their users. The portable truck scales have a lower framework that can be kept anywhere, even on dirt. They vary a little bit in accuracy, 1% to be exact, as compared to the normal truck scales. These scales are designed in a way that they do not need a concrete base to be kept on but they can be kept anywhere on a firm foundation. There are number of advantages of a portable truck scale over a normal truck scale. 

The portable truck scales are usually used by farmers and other agricultural producers who weigh their harvests and need portability in their machines to do that easily and effectively, because they need to calculate the weight of their harvest and prefer a portable machine so that they don’t have to bring the agricultural product all the way to one place just to weigh it. Mostly these portable truck scales are considered ideal for harvest season, as many kinds of agricultural products can take the advantage of the efficiency and accuracy of the portable truck scales to weigh the harvests and manage data. There are two primary forms of portable truck scales for harvest, namely: portable Axle Scale Systems, and Portable Weigh Pads.

Portable Axle Scale Systems prevent costly overweight load fines. these mobile weigh scales are very robust too. They are very easy to set up and take down at as many locations of the farm as you want. These types of portable scales let the users check the weight of the agricultural product right after it comes off the field before it is proceeded towards the market to be sold or the grain bin.

The second type is, the Portable Weigh Pads. These scales are very versatile in calculating and managing the load weights. These are cost effective, can be installed faster and are flexible in terms of relocation to different places.

These scales can be integrated with software so that the farmers can keep track of crop yield weights, manage other fields. These soft wares help to improve the functionality of the portable truck scales for the users by providing better management of their workflow and handling of the material. Whether the users are using these truck scales for farming or any other purpose, the operations can now be managed from a software or a web based cloud account

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